Bilingual Children Story Books: French – English

Perfect for teaching conversational French or English for kids aged 3-8 years old.
Learning a new language has never been so much fun !

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The fantastic adventure of Franck in the world of dinosaurs is an illustrated book to teach children not to go off on their own.
At the stage of losing his milk teeth, Franck learns of the existence of the Tooth Fairy.
This magical character ignites the children’s imagination.

Franck learns about the existence of Santa Claus and he sets out to discover his village.
A nice tale that adds imagination and wonder to children’s lives.
In this book, Franck learns about the Sandman, and he defends the World of Dreams as a Knight with magical powers.
A lovely educational tale putting imagination and wonder in children’s lives to overcome nighttime fears.les premiers pas en lecture.
Three penguin tales to encourage children to respect the rules set by their parents and to learn what a cloud is and how it is formed.
Short stories about the penguin world to read or listen to before going to sleep.
Franck apprend l’existence Franck learns about Easter Bunny. By going in search of eggs in the garden, he made a curious discovery…
A nice tale putting imagination and wonder in children’s lives.
Follow the fantastic adventure of Franck in the World of Mermaids.
This is an illustrated book to teach children to listen to their parents and teachers.
With the help of his Magic Stone, Franck gradually discovers the world around him.
Two educational tales to learn the journey of food and to explore the Earth.