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Free Kindle Book for Children

Dear Readers

My Kindle book “The Search for Santa Claus: A Christmas Story” will be free for one day on Tuesday, 19th December 2017. You can download it here :

Oliver learns about the existence of Santa Claus and he sets out to discover his village.
A nice tale that adds imagination and wonder to children’s lives.
This book has a lot of pictures and is great for children aged 1-12 years old and beginner readers.

Enjoy the book !

The Search for Santa Claus small

May you spend this holiday season, with love, peace and joy !


Free book, giveaway, kindle, livre gratuit, New book

Free Kindle Book for Kids

The Kindle edition of the book “Logic Learning with Images: Living and Non-living Things (Picture books – basic concepts Book 7)” is free today.

Book to teach your children the difference between living and non-living things and the states of matter : liquid, solid and gas.
Book with a lot of pictures, great for children aged 3-14 years old and beginner readers.
You can grab your free ebook copy here:

Happy reading!

Free book, giveaway, kindle, livre gratuit

Livre numérique gratuit pour les enfants


Le 6 juin 2017, toute la journée,  mon livre “Apprendre les couleurs avec les fleurs” sera disponible gratuitement sur le site Amazon.

Faire découvrir aux plus petits les couleurs chaudes, froides et neutres avec des belles images des fleurs. Le livre contient aussi des exercices pour la reconnaissance des couleurs. Parfait pour les premiers pas dans l’apprentissage de la lecture.

Amusez-vous bien !





Free book, giveaway, kindle

Free Book for Children

The Kindle book “Cursive Handwriting Champion” will be free for one day on Monday, May 1st, 2017 on the Amazon Web site.

“Build a solid foundation of forming letters and numbers with Iron the Dragon.
Practice lowercase and uppercase letters and learn fruits and vegetables.
Cursive writing has never been so much fun ! ”

Enjoy !


Free book, giveaway, kindle

Free book giveaway for kids

The Kindle book “Animal Mazes For Kids” will be free for one day on Saturday, March 4, 2017 on the Amazon Web site.

Your kids will love helping animals to find their way through mazes while having fun.
The level of difficulty is progressive (6 levels) and the solutions are provided.
This activity develops concentration, memory and perseverance.

Enjoy !