4-5 years

US : Preschool.
Canada: Junior Kindergarten.

Free resources :

* The cursive letters printable
* Be Happy Poster
* Teach your child to build an origami finger game – video
* Oliver and the Jurassic Forest – games
* Oliver and the Tooth Fairy – games
* Penguin Story – games
* Magical Bunny and the Vegetable Land – games
* The Louvre museum – panoramic views
* The Roman Forum – panoramic views

* Mayan Temples Virtual Tour
* Explore the Eiffel Tower
* Lincoln Memorial Interactive Tour
* Windsor Castle Virtual Tour
* Virtual tours: Buckingham Palace
* Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China
* NASA International Space Station Tour
* US Air Force National Museum Virtual Tour
* Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Virtual Tours

Mathematics :
Learn to Count: Numbers in English (from 1 to 20)
English :
Learn the Letters with Pictures: Abc Learning
Learn prepositions of place with animals: English prepositions
Learn the Modes of Transportation: Cars, Trains & Things That Go
Oliver’s Adventures – Bedtime Stories for Children
French :
Bilingual books French-English