7-8 years

US and Canada : Grade 2

Free resources :
* The cursive letters printable
* Be Happy Poster
* The Louvre – panoramic views
* The Roman Forum – panoramic views
* Mayan Temples Virtual Tour
* Explore the Eiffel Tower
* Lincoln Memorial Interactive Tour
* Windsor Castle Virtual Tour
* Virtual tours: Buckingham Palace
* Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China
* NASA International Space Station Tour
* US Air Force National Museum Virtual Tour
* Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Virtual Tours

Mathematics :
Shapes in Nature: Learn Geometric Shapes
English :
Cursive Handwriting Champion: Cursive Practice Workbook with Fruits and Vegetables
Learn the Clock with Dalmatians: Telling time on digital and analog clocks
Learn the colors with flowers: Book of colors
Oliver’s Adventures – Bedtime Stories for Children
French :
Bilingual Books French-English
Science :
Logic Learning with Images: Living and Non-living Things
Other Activities :
Animal Mazes For Kids
Fruits Mazes for Kids: Kids Games
Reptile Mazes for Kids: Activity Book
Dinosaur Mazes and Quiz Games
Catch the monsters: Mazes and Quiz Games
My Little Cookbook – I am a big kid now !: No-Cook Easy Recipes for Kids