Free Book for Children: “Cursive Handwriting Champion”

The Kindle book “Cursive Handwriting Champion” will be free for one day on Monday, May 1st, 2017 on the Amazon Web site.

The practice of cursive writing develops fine and thinking skills, which leads to better results in spelling and grammar.

This book contains 73 full-color pages for learning and practising cursive writing with upper- and lower-case letters and numbers.

It invites children to help “Iron the Dragon” to practice the gestures of writing attached letters by progressively tracing the names of fruits and vegetables.

Certain letters are associated with rewards (games to find hidden words) intended to encourage the kids.

This book is compact, so it can easily fit inside your kid’s backpack and go with them to school, friend’s house or the park.

Cursive writing has never been so much fun!

Enjoy !

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