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Financial Literacy for Kids

My kid is 10-year-old and he has some understanding of the financial terms and money flow (like salary, income, dividends, taxes, savings, expenses, gross and net income). A great source of information is Warren Buffet's free children’s animated series called "Secret Millionaire’s Club": many videos with lessons for kids (94 as of today). "Learn about Stocks, … Continue reading Financial Literacy for Kids

Great Toothpastes for Kids and Toddlers

Good oral care habits start around the age of 3 with brushing after each meal and before going to bed. For kids between 3 and 6 years old, fluoride-free kid-safe toothpaste is generally recommended. I read a lot about the benefits and side effects of fluoride and there are various opinions out there. In general, … Continue reading Great Toothpastes for Kids and Toddlers

Great Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids

I carefully choose the personal care products for my family, trying to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals. As much as possible I choose products with natural ingredients. Before buying each skin product I search the EWG Skin Deep site. The lower it is on the scale (from 1 to 10) the better it is (less … Continue reading Great Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids