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Book Giveaway: “Fruit Mazes for Kids”

The Kindle book “Fruits Mazes For Kids” will be free for one day on Saturday, March 25, 2017 on the Amazon Web site. Your kids will love find their way through colorful classic mazes, word mazes, and discover the fruits while having fun. The level of difficulty is progressive : 6 levels, 34 mazes. Bonus : 6 … Continue reading Book Giveaway: “Fruit Mazes for Kids”

Free Book Promotion on 10th July

For one day, on 10th July 2016, there will be a free book promotion on Amazon Kindle for my book: Oliver and the Tooth Fairy: Fairy tales (Oliver's adventures - Bedtime Stories for Children Book 2). At the stage of losing his milk teeth, Oliver learns of the existence of the Tooth Fairy. This magical … Continue reading Free Book Promotion on 10th July

Learn opposites with the marine life: Sea Adventure

The English version of the book is now available on Kindle: Learn the opposites with Oliver and Alison who are discovering the variety of marine animals.The book has simple graphics and short texts suitable for young children.The book also contains reinforcing exercises. Happy reading !

Kindle Countdown Deal for Kids Learning using Brainstorming Tools book

From April 9 to April 11 there is a Kindle Countdown deal for the book: Kids Learning using Brainstorming Tools book on Amazon.com Kindle Store. How to help your child succeed in school ?Visual brainstorming has a huge impact on the kids learning ability.I wrote this book hoping to help elementary school students to overcome … Continue reading Kindle Countdown Deal for Kids Learning using Brainstorming Tools book

New Book: Learn prepositions of place with animals

I just released the book  Learn prepositions of place with animals: English prepositions: Oliver visits the Museum  of Natural History and learns the prepositions of place.Book with a lot of pictures, great for children aged 1-8 years old and beginner readers.The book also contains prepositions exercises. It should become available on Amazon on 29th March … Continue reading New Book: Learn prepositions of place with animals

2 Kindle Books Countdown Deals

"Learn the colors with flowers: Book of colors" will have a Kindle Countdown Deal from April 27, 2016 to April 30, 2016. Perfectly sized for little hands of toddlers this book will guide them to discover the colors in the wonderful world of nature. The kids will learn the warm, cool and neutral colors with … Continue reading 2 Kindle Books Countdown Deals

3 Days of Free Children’s Books – Read Free

From 25 to 27 January 2016 I am giving away 2 Amazon Kindle books: Apprendre les moyens de transport: Livre d'images pour enfants Learn transport vehicles: Illustrated children's picture book Your kid will learn different types of transport vehicles with images and train to name the vehicles: from bicycle and scooter to train, ferry and … Continue reading 3 Days of Free Children’s Books – Read Free