New Release “I Believe: 3 Minutes a Day Gratitude Journal for Girls”

I am excited to announce my new book: “I Believe: 3 Minutes a Day Gratitude Journal for Girls” available on the Amazon website.

A Grateful Kid is a Happy Kid!

This daily gratitude journal for kids provides a safe, productive, and fun space for girls between the ages of 5 and 10 to write their thoughts, reflect on their day, map out plans, connect with what brings them joy, draw or write their dreams, and spark their imaginations.

Created with small hands and young hearts in mind, this fun 6×9 inch journal is the perfect companion for your child. With more than 100 pages of pictures, prompts, and more than enough room to doodle, draw, imagine, build and create, this gratitude journal could spark the beginning of a lifelong commitment to embracing mindfulness, acknowledging and exploring emotions in a healthy way, and teaching your child the power of positivity, how to live with a healthy dose of optimism, compassion, gratefulness, and self-awareness.

Inside, every page contains:

  • An area for your child to fill in the date
  • Short, meaningful prompts meant that will motivate them to explore their emotions
  • 5 mood icons your child can choose from daily to indicate how she is feeling that day
  • An area where they can doodle to their heart’s content
  • For every seven days of consecutive journaling, there are more in-depth prompts, quotes, and challenges meant to motivate them
  • Drawings of cute unicorns, and stars
  • And more!

Your child doesn’t have to write long diatribes or feel like this is homework. This journal invites kids to get creative and find a medium that works for them with a little help from the prompts and pictures.

It is the second release under the new series “Gratitude and Mindfulness for Kids”.


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