New book

New book release: Learn Professions & Occupations with the King Sagus / Apprendre les métiers avec le roi Sagus

I am happy to announce my newest Kindle book : Learn Professions & Occupations with the King Sagus (Learn English vocabulary with penguins) :

Learn occupations with the King Sagus

A fun way to teach your child to recognize 32 Professions & Occupations.
With exercises to recognize occupations and learn the English vocabulary.
It has a lot of pictures and is great for children aged 3-8 years old and beginner readers.

Have fun !

Je suis très heureuse de vous annoncer la parution de mon nouveau livre Kindle :  Apprendre les métiers avec le roi Sagus (Français facile avec des pingouins) :

Apprendre les métiers
Une manière amusante d’apprendre aux enfants à reconnaître 32 métiers.
Le livre contient aussi des exercices pour la reconnaissance des métiers.
Parfait pour les premiers pas dans l’apprentissage de la lecture.

La version papier du livre sera disponible sur Amazon dans 2-3 jours.

Bonne lecture !


New book

New release: Learn first grade math – Multiply and Divide integers

Tomorrow I will release my new book : Learn first grade math (multiply and divide integers) – English and French Kindle versions :

Learn math - multiply divide integers Apprendre le calcul - multiplication

This creative and educational picture book will help children to learn and practice basic multiplication and division.

Enjoy !

Demain sera disponible le livre Kindle « Apprendre le calcul (multiplication et division des nombres entiers) » avec des dessins amusants pour les enfants de 4 à 8 ans.
Il contient les tables de multiplication, de division et des exercices de calcul.

Profites-en bien !



Livre gratuit / Free Kindle Book for kids, Livre pour enfants / Children's Book, New book

Free Kindle book promotion

On July 24, 2016 I am giving away the book:Logic learning with images.

It is a book to teach your children the difference between living and non-living things and the states of matter : liquid, solid and gas.

New book

Learn opposites with the marine life: Sea Adventure

The English version of the book is now available on Kindle:

Learn opposites

Learn the opposites with Oliver and Alison who are discovering the variety of marine animals.
The book has simple graphics and short texts suitable for young children.
The book also contains reinforcing exercises.